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Arthurian Advent Calendar - THE CALENDAR (list)

warning: English is not my first language

10th DECEMBER: (Gaheris, Ragnelle, Fire)

"You are a witch."

"I am, dear boy."

"You really were awful. I mean, not to offend you- but you looked like a… a hag or something- it was painful to look at you." Gaheris has the decency to sound embarassed.

"And I should care about others being offended by my looks… why?" asks Ragnelle, impassible. That boy is starting to become annoying.

"Well, a lady should be graceful. You were not what I would call graceful."

"I can show you graceful," mutters Ragnelle, gracefully tracing a sign in the air.

"What was that?"

"I think your scabbard is on fire," replies Ragnelle, smiling graceful, pointing to the scabbard and the sword on Gaheris’ side.

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