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30 days of arthurian romances - day#18: Laudine and Lunete (+ the List)

do you ship them?

is this your OTP for those characters?

what do you like/dislike about this pairing?
I dislike the fact that Laudine married Ywain, of course, but not so much. Mostly I dislike the fact that Laudine is angry because Ywain is always away from home… this elemente is a bit in the way of my Laudine/Lunete otp but my headcanon can try to explain that too.
I love the fact that Lunete does everything she can for Laudine and to protect her, even organizing her a marriage.

when did you start shipping them?
Just after reading Chretien de Troyes.

your favourite and least favourite portrait of this couple in novels/fanfictions.
Unfortunately I’ve never read a novel where Laudine and Lunete had an appearance which wasn’t just the nameley “and Laudine, Ywain’s wife”.

what is your favourite art and /or song you associate with this pairing?
I found this art here and I fell in love with it. Look at scheming Lunete trying to convince Ywain to marry Laudine so that everyone can be happily gay ever after.
And for the music, for some reason I can’t help to think about Anastasia soundtrack At the beginning.

a headcanon about them
Laudine is married with Husband#1 because her family wanted it. But she fell in love with Lunete, her maiden. They love each other and they discovered their love while playing chess and other puzzle games.
Husband#1 usually treats Laudine with some superficiality and cruelty so when the time arises Laudine and Lunete are perfectly happy to see Ywain killing him.
But Laudine is a rich woman and she has a castle with lands, for some reasons, she can’t inherit it or she is afraid that she will be pestered by lords and knights for her hand.
Lunete talks with Ywain, who is gay because yes, and convinces him to marry Laudine also for his own ‘cover story’. Laudine and Ywain marry each other and after that Ywain leave Laudine and Lunete on their own, to have their happily ever after.