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20 DAYS OF ARTHURIAN BOOKS: DAY 06 (This is my list)

  • History of the Kings of Britain (Geoffrey of Monmouth)

Why did you choose to read this book?
Well, because it’s one of those books I consider “the canon” and “the sources”. It is also one of the first written books about arthurian legends so it was absolutely a ‘must’ for me.

Write down a quote you particularly like.

But Constantine pursued the Saxons, and reduced them under his yoke. He also took the two sons of Modred; and one of them, who had fled for sanctuary to the church of St. Amphibalus, in Winchester, he murdered before the altar. The other had hidden himself in a convent of friars at London, but at last was found out by him, brought before the altar, and there put to death. Three years after this, he himself, by the vengeance of God pursuing him, was killed by Conan, and buried close by Uther Pendragon within the structure of stones, which was set up with wonderful art not far from Salisbury, and called in the English tongue, Stonehenge.

This is my favourite quote because for once it shows that Constantine was wrong and he was punished for killing Mordred’s children.

Would you recommend the book? Why?
Of course, as I said it is a ‘must’ also if I would recommend only the Uther-Arthur part to arthurian fans. It is also very entertaining.

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