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My favourite arthurian Welsh Triads



Some of my favourite Welsh Triads, because- no seriously. Pearls.

Three Virgin Knights were in Arthur’s Court:
Bwrt son of Bwrt King of Gascony, and Peredur son of Earl Efrog, and Galath son of Lanslod Lak. Wherever those came, where there might be giant or witch or fiendish being—(such) could not withstand one of those Three Virgin Knights.

Three naturalists of the Island of Prydain. Gwalchmei son of Gwyar; and Llachau son of Arthur; and Rhiwallawn Gwallt Banadlen.

Three Harmful Blows of the Island of Britain:
The first of them Matholwch the Irishman struck upon Branwen daughter of Llyr; The second Gwenhwyfach struck upon Gwenhwyfar: and for that cause there took place afterwards the Action of the Battle of Camlan; And the third Golydan the Poet struck upon Cadwaladr the Blessed.

Three Unrestrained Ravagings of the Island of Britain:
The first of them when Medrawd came to Arthur’s Court at Celliwig in Cornwall; he left neither food nor drink in the court that he did not consume. And he dragged Gwenhwyfar from her royal chair, and then he struck a blow upon her; The second Unrestrained Ravaging when Arthur came to Medrawd’s court. He left neither food nor drink in the court;  And the third Unrestrained Ravaging when Aeddan the Wily came to the court of Rhydderch the Generous at Alclud [Dumbarton]; he left neither food nor drink nor beast alive.

Three Great Queens of Arthur:
Gwennhwyfar daughter of Cywryd Gwent, and Gwenhwyfar daughter of Gwythyr son of Greidiawl, and Gwenhwyfar daughter of Gogfran the Giant.

Three Well-Endowed Men of the Island of Britain:
Rhiwallawn Broom-hair, and Gwal(chmai) son of Gwyar,  and Llachau son of Arthur.

These are great and all but

Three powerful swineherds of the Island of Prydain:
Trystan son of Tallwch, who kept the swine of March, son of Meirchiawn, while the swineherd went on a message to Essyllt to desire a meeting with her, and Arthur desired one pig by deceit or by theft, and could not get it; and Pryderi son of Pwyll, who kept the swine of Pendaran Dyfed in Glencuwch in Emlyn; And Coll son of Collfrewy, who kept the ancient sow of Dallweir Dalben, who went burrowing as far as Penryn Awstin in Cornwall, and there going to the sea, landed at Abertorogi in Gwent Iscoed, and Coll son of Collfrewy having his hand on her bristles, wherever she went on the sea or on the land, and at Maes Gwenith in Gwent she dropped wheat and bees, and from henceforth there is the best wheat there, and from thence she went to Lonwen in Penbro, and there she dropped barley and bees, and from thence there is the best barley in Lonwen, and from thence she proceeded to the Riw Cyferthwch in Eryri, and there she dropped a wolf-cub and an eagle, and Coll son of Collfreuy gave the eagle to Brynach Gwyddel of the north, and the wolf he gave to Menwaed fo Arllechwedd, and these are the wolf of Menwaed and the eagle of Brynach, and thence going to Maendu in Llanfare, in Arvon, and there she dropped a kitten, and Coll son of Collfrewy threw the kitten in the Menai, and she became afterwards the Paluc cat.

omg look at that Paluc cat. *throws sir Kay at the cat*

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Norma is a badass woman

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thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

inspirational joffrey should be a meme

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There are two ways to carry the plot in books I like the best. One is when all the characters start with happy lives and end up tragic or dead, the other is when the characters start with tragic lives, through hardship receive happiness or glory, and end up tragic or dead (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I agree. Also if I also like the tragic start to the happy ending XD but in arthuriana we also have the ‘and king arthur will come back one day’ which I gladly accept as the blessing I need to write modern aus or fix it universes where they re-live their same lives and somehw manage to make it right





They’ve been sharing a bed for months but even breathing in Galahad’s presence seems like heresy so Mordred continues this charade every night.

every time I reread this comic I am the  happiest person ever

*sigh* I went from not shipping these two at all to shipping them ALL the time.

I love that, let’s face it, Mordred is probably the bossy, in charge one most of the time (because Galahad humors him and lets him get away with being a little tyrant) - but when it count’s Galahad knows that he is the stronger, more stable of the two of them. So he has to be Captain Slightly-More-Emotionally-Intact.

Otherwise Mordred would never get any sleep.

/fangirl raving.


Yes yes that’s exactly how I see the pairing. Also I think that Galahad is so good and everything but with Mordred he could have the freedom to be angry sometimes and be shitty and annoying and he can be not perfect (still above the non perfection standard of people because Galahad is perfect that way).

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I came here from Romania when I was 12 years old. I had an accent. High school was tough a little bit for a few years. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be good-looking. I wanted to be popular. I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What are these people going to think of me?’" - Sebastian Stan

(Source: marvelassembles)

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× perplexingly:

lucrezianoin once wrote a Mordred who had a dog and uguuhsdhh I want every knight to have a favourite dog

omg I love the idea of Mordred with dog or dogs. I really love dogs.
This art is so heartwarming <3<3<3<3


lucrezianoin once wrote a Mordred who had a dog and uguuhsdhh I want every knight to have a favourite dog

omg I love the idea of Mordred with dog or dogs. I really love dogs.

This art is so heartwarming <3<3<3<3

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I never tought it would come a day when I would look at an algae and think it sexy

also an ENORMOUS BEE is trying to conquer my room. I am alone and scared and all the food I have is mint icecream, I am not sure I can resist