Anonymous said: Can you talk more about Robin Hobb and what a good reading order would be?


YES lmao I had answered this question so many times and yet don’t have any answer in my hobb tag

hidding under read more because it’s a long post

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yeah ok this blog is going to turn into arthuriana/robin hobb fanblog again I’m sorry


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Aneurin Barnard in Moonfleet (part 11/?)



t-the promised Sauron drawing…….;;;;

  #do this to legolas  

UM……… I don’t feel bad about torturing Sauron and melting armor with his body because he is… immortal and ‘evil’…… and Legolas………. um….

 #i’m going to do something like that to mordred maybe 


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Chess Kings

So, a couple months ago Hugbees got me into Chess, which is a sort of bizarre but incredibly catchy musical. The story is all over the place, but the songs are great. To me at least. A chess tournament is taking place sometime in the 70s, with the Cold War for a backdrop. So when a Russian goes up against an anti-Communist American, things are bound to get interesting. My favorite version so far is the concert version, which you can watch here actually. Though I listened to the recording before seeing the footage, so I got a visual impression of the characters that was based solely on their voices. 

Here are the two main men - the Russian challenger, Anatoly, who may have a little Josh Groban injected in there, and the American champion, Freddie. Most productions have them dress in black and white, so that they are like the de facto black and white kings on a chess board. And since I like being very obvious with symbolism, I tried to exaggerate that even more here - Anatoly is all dark, and Freddie is super pale - white blonde, the works. 

Oh, they’re both jerks, by the way.

What do you think - want to talk Chess?

They’re jerks who deserve each others <3

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just a puppet on a lonely string

oh, who would ever want to be king?

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sometimes I imagine Mordred being all awkward with his sons

patting them on the head and trying so much to not ignore them and be a better father

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I am so full of enthusiasm that you’d think I am going to date that city

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"Would you look at what that blasted creature did to my shirt?"

"Stop complaining and give me your cloak so I can sneak into the castle."

"I’m not giving you anything until you explain where that broom came from."

"Where do you think the broom came from?"

"You know what, never mind.  Don’t ever answer that question, ever."


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there are rights and wrongs and in-betweens

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