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War is not only the province of men ~ Etain the She-Wolf

When they paint their faces in blue woad it is more than just a decoration. It is a sacred rite. To the Picts, it means they’d sooner die than fail. It means, for them, there is no turning back.

I don’t know what this is but I like this.

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Recent tweets by Mike and Mark confirmed that solas will be an elf only LI.

Bisexual/Biromantic elf only?

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The first time I played Dragon Age II I thought that the Pride Demon’s purpose has always been Marethari instead of Merrill and Merrill as a second prize. Because Marethari was prideful enough to think what was better for Merrill and take her choices from her even if Merrill was actually taking some serious risks- sorry this doesn’t make much sense.

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i i probably wont’ finish this so

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Poor Saben. Not only is her pirate girlfriend refusing to commit to her, she also screwed her over for an imaginary ship.

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Reblog if you support Isabela x Merrill from Dragon Age II


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Got called in to work tonight so I might as well read this for the eight hundredth time

This book is the best fantasy/steampunk with gay protagonists I have ever read.

It is spectacular and I love it. Are you familiar with the author’s website of original fiction and/or AO3? They are also pretty fab.

Oh no I wasn’t! Thank you!
I’ll look into the original fiction collection yay! :D thanks!

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bring these back again cause i love love love these outfits

so fucking fabulous

pls to check out the source site because it’s worth it

*heavy breathing*

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Well, but her dress is not constricting? While her boots are quite tight and don’t fall off.

If you are talking about her oversexualization, I agree, abut about practibility, I don’t think the way she dresses is much impractical? I find a bit more confusing the one arm little leather armor she has because I can’t understand why it’s just on her right arm.

i don’t believe that’s a dress, looks like a tunic to me, something you’d wear with either a skirt or leggings or pants or something

and yes i’m talking about her oversexualisation but i’m also talking about the fact that i can’t imagine walking around kirkwall like that, i can’t imagine doing half the combat shit she does like that, and i definitely don’t know what she’s supposed to be wearing under said tunic because the game never makes that entirely clear to me

sorry, I didn’t mean a dress dress, I meant like clothes. sorry English is not my first language. In my language dress means both dress and clothes so sometimes I get confused.

I think underneath she wears underwear? I think that maybe her boots may be uncomfortable because of their turn-up that may be constricting when she stands in a closed-legs standing position. But I guess she needs them that high to protect her knees and lower legs.
I know we are not going to agree, but I really think her shirt/clothes is not that impractical. As a person who wears trousers, I often get them falling on my hips and if I try to really open my legs I have to take a minute to keep them up so I guess without I would definitely be more free.

Is her dressing code extremely sexualized? Yes. They could have looked for other solutions too. Like very tight trousers. Short trousers. A good belt and trousers.

Actually what I find more impractical is her bra/the up part of her shirt. She seems to have a push up or something and as a person who has big breasts I find very uncomfortable to do physical activity in push ups or not specific bra.